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Armor 3000W Monoblock, Class D Amplifier Dim:12.31"L 6.5"W 2.8"H

  • 3000 W MAX Power 1 Channel
    2250 W X 1 RMS @ 1 ohm
    1125 W X 1 RMS @ 2 ohm
    563 W X 1 RMS @ 4 ohm
    4500 W X 1 RMS Strapped Bridged Power @ 2 ohm
  • Monoblock, Class D, MOSFET Power Supply
  • Low Level Inputs, RCA Pre-amp Outputs
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover, Variable Bass Boost and Variable Subsonic Filter and Switchable Phase Control
  • Include Remote Subwoofer Control
  • Dimensions: 12.31" L x 6.5" W x 2.8" H
California Prop 65 Warning

What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 is a California law that applies to companies selling products in California. Proposition 65 requires warnings if a product contains any listed chemical present above very low levels. Proposition 65’s warning standards are among the most stringent in the world. Proposition 65 is not a product safety law, but rather a "right-to-know" law. Businesses are required to provide warnings to comply with Proposition 65.

There are over 800 chemicals on the Proposition 65 list, which is administered by California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), a part of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The list includes naturally occurring and man-made chemicals. Proposition 65 warnings can be seen for a wide variety of everyday consumer products, including electronic equipment, and warnings can be seen posted throughout California in a variety of establishments such as buildings, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores.

Why do you see the warning on our packaging and website?

The warning is part of our ongoing effort to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (known as "Proposition 65").

California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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General Specs

Channel Configuration
1 Channel
Power Supply Type
MOSFET Power Supply
Amp Topology
Monoblock, Class D

Performance Specs

Total Power Output
3000 Watts
Peak Power @ 1 Ω
3000 Watts x 1
Peak Power @ 2 Ω
1500 Watts x 1
Peak Power @ 4 Ω
750 Watts x 1
RMS Power @ 1 Ω
2250 Watts x 1
RMS Power @ 2 Ω
1125 Watts x 1
RMS Power @ 4 Ω
563 Watts x 1
Strapped Power bridged @ 2 Ω
6000 Watts
Speaker Impedance
1 to 8 Ω
T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion)
0.010000000000000000208 %
S/N Ratio (A-Weighted)
100 dB
Frequency Response
15 Hz to 250 Hz ±1 dB

Connections, Controls, and Processing

RCA Inputs
2 Channel
Pre Amp Outputs
2 Channel
Low Pass Filter
50 Hz to 250 Hz
Subsonic Filter
15 Hz to 40 Hz
Bass Boost
Variable 0 to 18 dB
Phase Control
0 to 180°
Subwoofer Level Control
Input Sensitivity Switch
Thermal/Overload/Short Protection


5 out of 5


I got one from and love this amp even at 1ohm it doesn't get hot got it pushing 2 ch12dvc and it hits harder than my buddy's alpine type-r set up
5 out of 5

Best amp for the money!!!

Ok so I'm not one to rant and rave about products that I purchase but..... This amp is one bad mamma jamma!!! I have it running 2 Pyle 12" DVC's that are rated at 1200w each wired at 1ohm and I have the gain set less than half way. It never gets hot will run for hours and literally knocked my dishes out of my kitchen cabinets when I was testing and tuning in my garage. If you need SERIOUS POWER then this is the amp for you!!! Yes I have ran it at 2ohm and 4ohm also and still it has amazing power for the money. This is literally the most bang for your buck when it comes to amps.
3 out of 5

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this amp. I have bought 3 of these... I am only using 2 in my setup. I have them running 4 12" subs, each sub has a 3000 watt RMS, dual voice coil. Each sub is in series 2 ohms each coil, so at 4 ohms with the voice coils, then a second sub is in parallel giving it 2 ohms, those 2 subs go on 1 amp. These are competition subs, they hit HARD. I did cheap out on the amp sadly, but these amps do hit pretty good, I am not getting 3000 watts at least I don't think, most I am getting at 2 ohms with this amp is 1000-1500. I had to get a high output alternator with these because even going 75 mph my headlights were dimming really bad. Also needed 2 8 farad capacitors. So I was driving and one of the amps starts smoking, you could smell it... OK crap, didn't order it from Amazon, ordered it from VMInnovations on Amazon or whatever it is... Hard to get a clear reply even though it was less than 30 days, so I won't buy from them again. But this...
5 out of 5

Works like a boss!!!!!

UPDATE 11-10-16 After a week Still impressed, did a meter test and it was drawing 50 amps x 12v = 600 watts true rms @ full volume. So I Upgraded my wire and new better battery terminals and 100a fuse holder. Did another meter test and i got 100 amps x 12v = 1200 watts true rms... it blew the fuse holder. So I ordered a better fuse holder with 150a fuse.. will do another update when installed After reading almost all the reviews for this amp I decided to just go for it! Glad I did! I needed an amp the can push (1) 15" Orion HCCA dual 2ohm wired to 1.13ohms exactly. That being said, I got my amp today and installed it my self. I was really nervous at first thinking this amp would not be able to push the sub hard enough and thinking the amp might blow a fuse or something of that matter. Turn it on and I was Amazed by the amount of power it was feeding my Orion. Put it this way, i couldn't even go past 1/4 turn on my bass knob and the...

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