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3-Way Pre-Amp Electronic Crossover

  • 3 Way Crossover
  • Variable Low Pass Filter and Variable High pass Filter
  • Subwoofer Phase and Base Boost Control
  • Rear Input
  • Front, Rear & Sub Outputs
California Prop 65 Warning

What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 is a California law that applies to companies selling products in California. Proposition 65 requires warnings if a product contains any listed chemical present above very low levels. Proposition 65’s warning standards are among the most stringent in the world. Proposition 65 is not a product safety law, but rather a "right-to-know" law. Businesses are required to provide warnings to comply with Proposition 65.

There are over 800 chemicals on the Proposition 65 list, which is administered by California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), a part of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The list includes naturally occurring and man-made chemicals. Proposition 65 warnings can be seen for a wide variety of everyday consumer products, including electronic equipment, and warnings can be seen posted throughout California in a variety of establishments such as buildings, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores.

Why do you see the warning on our packaging and website?

The warning is part of our ongoing effort to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (known as "Proposition 65").

California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Bass Generator

Front, Rear & Sub
Low Pass Filter
40 Hz to 250 Hz
Crossover Slope
12 dB/Oct
Maximum Input Voltage
4.5 V
Maximum Output Voltage
9 V
Frequency Response
10 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB
S/N Ratio > (A-Weighted)
95 dB
T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion)
0.01 %


5 out of 5

AWESOME versatility for the price.

I bought two of these crossovers based on my complicated requirements and the very reasonable price. I have 12 speakers fed by 5 amplifiers comprising a total of 10 channels. Each pair of channels having unique frequency requirements. I needed high frequency high-pass for my tweeters in the doors, I needed a wide midrange bandpass for the 6.5s in the kick panels and the console. For the rear I needed low frequency high-pass for some satellite mini box speakers and I needed direct-in low-pass for my two monoblock amps driving four 10" free-air subwoofers. I researched a whole bunch of crossovers until I found these. I had been running two Yamaha YEC-400 crossovers since the late 1980's. However, I wanted to step up to 4" Polk coaxials in the doors and the Yamahas did not have a low enough high pass cutoff frequency for what I was trying to do.This crossover provides excellent flexibilty in both variable cutoff frequency including frequency-band overlap and awesome input/output...
5 out of 5

Great for the price

This unit is great for the price. It has a rear channel bandpass (but could be used for any pair of speakers in your car), which is the main reason I bought it. Im running a set of midrange 6.5s in the rear deck of my Mustang, and I needed to set the proper frequencies for those speakers. Im also running my front full range speakers through this crossover, but mainly for front/rear output leveling. There is no reason to use this for a subwoofer, unless your amp simply has no low pass filter, or you just really like the included remote. I tried running my sub through it but the LPF on my Rockford Fosgate amp cant be disabled and the competing crossover slopes of this unit combined with the amps LPF made it too hard to dial the sub in correctly. So I kept my sub running from the amp only. This unit wont improve sound quality on its own, its just for setting proper frequency responce and output levels for speakers that require such tuning. I got some...
4 out of 5

It just works. No background noise or anything.

I was sceptical about that brand but it had good reviews and it had the essential feature for my application which is bandpass filtering. I gave it a shot and its just perfect. The manual was useless to me as it didn't answer any of my questions about things like: "whats the first knob on the remote used for?". Also I took great care of matching my input/output reference voltages on this crossover and my amplifiers and receiver. I ended up with distortion. So I set the output volume on the crossover to the middle (which I believe to be 4.5v) and all my amplifiers to "Norm" (2v) and my receiver is 4v by default with built-in amp set to off. And that way the sound was perfect all the way to maximum. All in all, this thing is perfect for me and I will buy more for my other cars!

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