Rev Up Your Ride: Top Features to Look for in Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles

Rev Up Your Ride: Top Features to Look for in Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles



Bluetooth speakers for motorcycles offer an excellent way to enhance your riding experience. This wireless audio system helps you communicate and listen to your favorite music anytime. However, choosing a high-quality device with the best features is essential for a more enjoyable ride. Unfortunately, you cannot tell what model is right for you just by looking at it. That's why this article comes in handy: to help you make an informed decision when choosing motorcycle Bluetooth speakers that enable you to roar on wheels. Read on!

Why You Need a Bluetooth Speaker for Your Motorcycle

The most apparent reason why riders invest in Bluetooth speakers is for communication. However, Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are more than just communication systems.

Since these speakers integrate with your phone via Bluetooth, you can use them to receive and make calls, stream music, and get directions from Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc. These use cases make having a Bluetooth communicator an essential item for riders.

For example, making and receiving hands-free calls via Bluetooth speakers helps minimize distractions and ensure a safer ride. In fact, many modern Bluetooth audio systems have noise-canceling capabilities to ensure clear communication when on the go. The catch is to choose the best product that functions well for an unforgettable ride.

What are the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers?

The worst thing you can do is choose motorcycle speakers with unclear and unbalanced sounds. That's why riders first consider the sound quality when shopping for Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. After all, everyone wants speakers with great bass and strong vocals.

When shopping for speakers, look for ones that offer a full listening experience—clear treble and mid and deep bass tones. In addition, a great motorcycle speaker should have an extra high-power output and low distortion levels.

Needless to say, a good motorcycle speaker should have great Bluetooth technology to ensure seamless phone access, calls, and music streaming. Again, choose motorcycle speakers with easy mounting systems that fit different motorcycles.

Choosing the best Bluetooth motorcycle speaker depends on your preferences and needs. List the features you want to prioritize and consider them during selection.

Feature to Lookout for When Choosing a Bluetooth Motorcycle


Your riding experience will be as good as the motorcycle speakers you choose. Before you make a purchase, it's important to consider your needs and preferences and choose speakers that align with them. Here are key features to remember when selecting Bluetooth speakers for your motorcycle.

Audio Quality

As we mentioned earlier, audio quality is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. Having high-quality audio means you can enjoy good music when riding and good communication with other riders. When choosing motorcycle speakers, look for speakers that produce a richer and clearer sound.

With the many motorcycle speakers brands available, selecting the one that best fits your needs can be daunting. However, what determines the audio capabilities of a motorcycle Bluetooth speaker is the power of the amp and the type of driver. Select an amplifier with enough wattage to produce clear sound at high speeds and overcome outdoor noise. Also, look for drivers made from high-quality materials for better durability and clarity at highway speeds.

While you can get low-cost audio solutions for your motorcycle with reasonable audio capabilities, opt for devices that can serve you on long rides and produce good audio in loud outdoor environments.

Ideally, conduct in-depth research to find high-quality motorcycle speakers. Sometimes, going for test drives with various brands is necessary to better understand what works best for you.

Look for Design Features

In addition to audio quality, design features should inform your choice of motorcycle speakers. For example, you should consider the size and weight of the speakers—do you prefer small and light models over bulky and heavier ones? Whichever the case, don't sacrifice the quality of the sound.

Another crucial element to consider when choosing Bluetooth motorcycle speakers is the waterproofing capabilities. There are different rating levels to consider, including normal weatherproof, water-resistant, or IPX7. The catch is to choose speakers with a waterproofing rating that matches the toughest terrains and weather conditions you encounter when riding.

Sometimes, you may want to modify your speakers when riding your bike. As such, choose models that are easy to install—check whether a potential model comes with mounting hardware or accessories to help with installation.

Another factor to consider when it comes to design features is aesthetics. Consider how much space the speakers will take on your bike and the number of buttons available.

Types of Drivers

Another crucial feature to consider when purchasing motorcycle speakers is the various types of drivers available. Ideally, while all speaker drivers serve the same purpose, they have different characteristics that impact the sound quality they produce.

For instance, you can opt for voice coil driver designs for bass or lower-frequency sounds. These drivers have a higher power rating and can produce loud, clear sound, making them ideal for outdoor environments.

Another option is the dome drivers, which are ideal for higher-frequency sounds and music reproduction. Dome drivers produce mid and high sound frequencies with clarity. They also have a lighter design and fewer parts, making them an excellent lightweight portable option.

Consider the various types of drivers available and their differences when purchasing Bluetooth speakers for your motorbike to ensure you get the one that best suits your needs.


You can choose the best motorcycle speakers offering excellent Bluetooth connectivity and sound output, but if they aren't durable, they won't serve you long. As such, when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, focus on durability and waterproofing features as much as audio quality and design features.

When choosing between brands, select one with a strong shell to avoid damage when riding through tough terrains. Look for speakers made from weather-resistant materials like rubber, aluminum, or strong plastic components that can withstand extreme temperatures and wet environments.

Some brands have textured surfaces that reduce heat and wind damage and damage from minor falls. In addition to a tough exterior surface, look for speakers with waterproof capabilities. Aim for speakers with a higher waterproof rating (generally ranges from 1 to 8), especially if you often ride in areas that experience rainstorms.

Volume Controls and Comfort

Finally, choose motorcycle speakers that can guarantee comfort and ease of use. This means less distractions when riding to ensure your safety. Also, choose speakers with volume controls so you can adjust your volume easily and conveniently when riding your bike. Check for reviews of different brands regarding comfort and volume controls to ensure you select speakers with comfortable fits and easier-to-use volume controls.


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