Just Arrived! Boss Audio New Products


Every quarter we do a brief recap of the top products recently released by Boss Audio both to keep you in the loop as well as offer options for those difficult people on your gift lists.  Now that we’re in the last few months of the year it’s time to take a look at the latest products from Boss Audio. 

Let’s jump right into it.

Rear View License Plate Mount Camera
Boss Audio LPCB40

This affordable high resolution color camera is weather proof with a wide angel view.   The mount uses your existing license plate mounting screws and is hidden behind the plate itself.  Output is NTSC and there’s a helpful on-screen display distance guide.

This is another reliable Boss Audio product that provides solid tech for a fair price.  Installation is fairly simple and feedback so far has been positive.

Mech-Less Multimedia Player with Bluetooth
Boss Audio 470BRGB

For those who no longer utilize CD/DVD formatted media, this player is a smart choice.   It’s mech-less (no moving parts) and does not have a CD or a DVD player, which is an advantage when it comes to pricing.  Like other Boss Audio players in this line, it has a wireless remote, multi-color illumination options, and is Bluetooth Compatible.

This double din player offers a bit more that just a great price.  The Boss Audio 470BRGB has front and rear pre-amp outputs as well as USB, Aux, and Input options.  60 watts x 4 max power, USB charging, and preset built-in EQ make this a solid purchase for an aftermarket upgrade to an older car.  It’s compatible with audio out from smartphones and MP3 players and plays Bluetooth/USB, MP3, WMA, FM/AM, and digital media.

CD/MP3 Player with Bluetooth
Boss Audio 810BRGB

Let’s start with the basics.  This is a double din CD/MP3 player with 80 Watts x 4 max power, preset built-in EQ, Bluetooth compatible, and with front, rear, & sub pre-amp outputs.  It has balance, fader, bass. and treble controls along with a wireless remote.

There are a few bells and whistles that add to the player, including multi-color illumination options, a USB charger, and wireless control of music and apps like Spotify & Pandora.   It plays CD, MP3, WMA, FM/AM, and digital media from smart phones via Bluetooth.

Overall this is a workhorse that will give you flexibility in your input (USB, Aux, Input) source as well as allow you a wide range of formats to play.

That rounds out our list of a few of the latest products from Boss Audio.  Please comment below if you’ve purchased any of the above or have any questions about the new items hitting the shelves.

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