Over the Summer we have been putting a new Boss Audio Systems Rebel Powersports Super ATV Unit Part # ATVB69LED to the test. This is the most feature filled ATV specific product we have seen. Not only is it equipped with two, 6X9” Marinized woofers and a pair of equally as waterproof 1.5” tweeters, the speaker box has storage and an LED light bar included for a cost of $399.

The speaker box basically sits on your ATV’s front rack and is held in place by four nylon straps. You could also use a ratchet strap or tie down to hold the box on too. The top of the unit is flat and has molded guides that can hold all sorts of tie down’s rope or straps. So conceivably, you could install the box anywhere there is a power supply you can connect to. It’s not totally limited to use on an ATV.

To power the unit, it simply plugs into your machines 12 volt power source. If you don’t have one or it’s occupied by another device, Boss supplies one that you can wire into your machines battery. Or you could just wire it direct. A small wired remote box is then attached to your handlebars or the rack itself. Bushings are supplied so the clamp will fit on any smaller size tubing. Total fitment an installation time for us was under 30 minutes.

The remote box uses Bluetooth technology, so you can stream music right from your phone or similar device to the ATV. The remote controls volume, skip and playback of whatever audio tracks you want to listen to. Turning on and off the LED light bar takes place here too. The unit does not play AM/FM radio unless of course you stream it from the internet.

There is a USB port you can use for charging your device but it cannot read files that might be on a thumb drive. Other then using Bluetooth, the only other way to play music is by using the 3.5mm aux-in jack next to the USB port. However a 3.5mm cable is not provided.

While the unit looks like a big storage box, it’s actually mostly speaker space. The storage box itself in no larger than most on board ATV storage boxes. However the box is very convenient for carrying items like your cell phone, a MP3 Player, sun glasses, a spare set of goggles, gloves or snacks.

The LED Lightbar is rather large and probably bigger than what most people would choose to install on an ATV. With that said, it’s bright and works very well. Whether you are trying to light up a tricky trail or illuminated an entire camp site or work area, it will do it easy. We didn’t notice any extra power draw or music interruption when the light was turn on or off either.

We spent most of our time listening to music during the test. Using a couple different phones we spent hours on the trial and in the garage enjoying what the Boss Rebel system was made for. Bluetooth connections were quick and easy and the sound we feel was great. The four speakers put out a good sound that we couldn’t find any complaints with. Parked or traveling 30 miles per hour with helmets on, the box sounded very good and loud enough.

In the comparison photos, you can see how much brighter the LED light bar on the Boss Rebel ATV sound system is over the quad’s stock lights on their highest setting.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box

Boss Audio LED light bar and no stock headlights.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box

Stock lights with Hi-Beam on.

Overall we are very happy with the way the Boss Rebel ATVB69LED sound system worked and held up to our abuse. From using the storage box during work all day to riding the trails on a few hot summer nights and listening to music, the entire time, we loved how it worked. The Boss Rebel ended up being one of the most entertaining bolt ons we have ever used.

Boss Audio is always expanding their powersports audio offerings so check them out or order directly at (800) 999-1236.

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