Boss Audio Now Shipping New Bluetooth-Enabled All-Terrain Amplifier


Oxnard, CA – March, 2015 – Introduced at the recent 2015 CES as part of their New BOSS Rebel Power Sports line up, the MC900B is now shipping.  The MC900B is a 4-Channel 500 Watt (4 x 125) Max Full Range Amplifier with Built-In Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Audio Streaming.  There is no need for a head unit or source receiver.  Just stream and control your music directly from your playlists or favorite music apps on your phone.  Easy Pairing with Auto Re-connect make this a onetime set up and easy to use every time after.

The MC900B is built for the outdoors and rugged terrain.  Fully weather resistant and marinized for all conditions with a water tight Illuminated Multi-Function(MFC) Remote with a 20 foot cable that can be mounted for easy access without worry of getting wet.  The MFC functions as a source, volume, track, pairing and on/off control.

Not just for the off road, the MC900B can be used in all 12 Volt Applications.  Its Slim Compact Footprint of 7-3/4” length, 3-3/4” width and 1-11/16” height, also makes for convenient installs for marine, motorcycle and car.

In addition to wireless audio streaming, it is compatible with the Audio Output of iPod / iPhone, Smartphones and MP3 Players through an external 3.5mm Aux plug.  You can also keep your device charged via its built-in 1 Amp USB Charging port.  The amp includes 1 pair of Pre-Amp Outputs to add additional amplifiers if needed.

A retail price of under $149.99 should make the MC900B a top seller!


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