Black Friday Best Deals – Head Units


This year has an amazing amount of great technology available on Black Friday for crazy prices.  Taking advantage of these once-a-year sales can let you meet your holiday gift budget goals while getting top of the line products for friends and family.

Because there are so many Black Friday deals, we’re going to focus on just one type of audio tech – double din head units.  We’ve put a range of ‘$’ signs by each product’s name to give you a rough idea of price, with $ being the lowest and $$$ being the highest.   Let’s take a look at some decks that offer great values on Black Friday.

Boss  Audio BVCP9675A    $$

This double-din mech-less head unit allows you to integrate your smartphone with the car’s built-in display and boasts rear camera and steering wheel control inputs. The 6.75″ touchscreen display uses easy to read icon design and there are multicolor illumination options.   Here are some details:

  • Bluetooth
  • Apple Carplay
  • Android Auto
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Mech-Less

While there’s no CD/DVD player in this unit, there are some big wins with this deck.  The touchscreen is capacitive, which makes it way more responsive.  It’s easy to install, and the Boss Audio (based in the US) customer service team is ready to help if you have questions.  It’s also going to be on sale on the Boss Audio site with a pretty substantial discount from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  If you’re looking for a solid double-din deck, this is a great choice at an even greater price.

Pumpkin  Android 6.2″    $$$

While this is a bit higher in price than most decks on this list, it does bring a lot of functionality to the table.  The focus is on the Fastboot, with 4 GB RAM and an Octo Core CPU.  Toss in the 32 GB ROM and you’ve got a pretty fast response time.  Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • Double-Din Head Unit
  • ISO Cable
  • External Mic
  • USB+ Mic Cable
  • Audio Output Cable
  • Wifi Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • AUX Input Cable
  • Cam-In Cable
  • Mounting Screws
  • User Manual

It’s clear that Pumpkin is making sure that you’ve got everything you need to install this deck, though one drawback overall is the smaller screen (6.2″).  You’re paying the higher price to get the faster run speed but if you check them out on you can find a deal on the corresponding installation kit. 

Planet Audio  P9640B    $

This double-din 6.2″ touchscreen covers all the basics and Planet Audio tosses in a solid 3 year Platinum Online Dealer warranty if you buy it online. For the well-rounded audiophile, this deck handles DVDs, CDs, USB input, SDs, MP3s, WMAs, AM & FM, and digital media from smartphones.  Here are some details:

  • Inputs – USB Audio, USB Charging, SD, Aux, Rear Camera
  • 8 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • Preset Built-In EQ
  • Outputs – Video, Front, Rear & Sub
  • Wireless Remote
  • US & Europe Tuner Frequencies

There’s also a steering wheel control input but it requires an interface that is sold separately.  It’s a solid unit that ups your car audio level for a great price (that’s lowered even further on the Planet Audio for Black Friday).

Camecho Android Car Radio     $

With a 7″ foldable touchscreen, this double din Android car stereo has some diverse functionality for the price.  The focus is on the screen, but the head unit includes Bluetooth as well as a mini rearview camera that pops on automatically.   Here are some details:

  • High Current USB Output
  • 30 Days Money Back Service
  • 12 Months Warranty

As of writing, there are no reviews for this product on Amazon but there’s a coupon for Black Friday that will pull an additional $7.00 off the price. 

EinCar 7″ Car Radio Stereo     $$

While this brand may not be as well known as others, this double din deck looks like it covers all the bases, especially when it comes to language compatibility.  The some units are offered with multiple OSD languages and a 1024 x 600 screen resolution provides a clear, easy to see image.  As far as functionality, this deck has Bluetooth, GPS navigation, steering wheel control, AM/FM tuner, USB/SD, and back up camera input.  A backup camera is included as a gift.   Here are some details:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB ROM
  • 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Built-in 3D GPS

The bootup speed of this head unit may not match up to more powerful decks, but it’s got the basics and the free camera is a nice touch for Black Friday. 

Eonon GA2170     $$$

This Android head unit focuses on Android Auto/Android Car Stereo tech and has GPS, backup camera input, and a 7″ touchscreen.  It supports Fastboot and has a pretty fast boot up speed for those that need their apps available NOW.   Here are some details:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB ROM
  • Split Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Installation Video

While this unit is higher in price than most of the other units on this list, Eonon is offering a free backup camera as a Black Friday gift on Amazon, so that offsets the cost a bit if you need the camera.  If you’re into split-screen and the ability to pull nearly everything on your Android phone to the deck’s screen, this is the unit for you. 

SSL  DDC28B      $

SSL is offering a detached panel head unit that includes a CD/MP3 player and is compatible with audio-out from smartphones and MP3 players.  Like most of SSL’s products, this deck is easy to install and comes with a wireless remote.   Here are a few details:

  • 8 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • USB, AUX, Input
  • Front, Rear & Sub Pre Amp Outputs
  • USB Charging
  • FM/AM Tuner

If you’re looking for your first, basic head unit then check this one out.  Also, keep an eye on this deck on the SSL site.  It’s going to be on sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. 

Pioneer FH-S700BS     $

Pioneer has created this double-din receiver with the ‘first car’ market specifically in mind.  It’s got a decent streaming music setup, with Bluetooth, Pandora, MIXTRAX, Spotify, Sirius, and iPod support.    There’s a CD player as well, and dual-zone color customization with 210,000 colors to choose from.  Here are some details:

  • CD/MP3/USB
  • Dimmer Setting
  • LED Backlight VA LCD Display
  • 10 Level Brightness Control

It’s a pretty basic unit but if you’re looking for a starter deck this is a great value, and it’s worth checking out on Black Friday to see if any of Pioneer’s deals for the day apply.

ATOTO A6 Pro     $$$

This double din head unit from ATOTO has a lot of bells and whistles.  The price does reflect that, however, you can offset that a bit with their coupon on Amazon for a discount on a backup camera if you need one. Let’s dive right into the details:

  • Built-in GPS
  • 2 Camera Inputs
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Quick Booting
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi Support
  • Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor (available in model numbers ending in G only)

It’s worth double checking that the Hand Gesture Recognition sensor is actually included in the A6 model you buy.  ATOTO’s A6 series has over a dozen models but it looks like the hand gesture recognition functionality is in the A6Y2721PR-G and the A6Y2721PRB-G.   Overall this is a top of the line deck, with high speed/little or no lag response times and dual Wi-Fi bands to keep you connected.  There’s also a Screen Lock option on some models that will allow you to lock your unit remotely.

Have you seen this head unit in action?  Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Planet Audio PNV9674     $$$

This Planet Audio head unit comes with a few extras, including touchscreen navigation (with maps of the US and Puerto Rico included) and FLAC 24 bit high res audio.  The 6.2 screen lets the innovative graphic interface shine and there’s a CD/DVD player for those still going a bit old school.   Here are some details:

  • 80 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • Switchable US & Europe Tuner Frequencies
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free & Audio Streaming
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • Rear Camera Input
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Built-in Navigation with Built-In Points of Interest

If you’re looking to upgrade a basic system, this is a great priced option with some extras thrown in.  For those who drive a lot this should be the first pick, as the navigation system is stellar.  It’s part of Planet Audio’s Black Friday sale, so visit the site from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to get a substantial discount. 


Keeping gift buying within the realm of easy and affordable is a smart way to handle the holidays.  Check out the double dins above and feel free to comment below about any deals you run across on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. 


P.S. To cap things off, here at Boss Audio we just announced that all the products on our own site will be 25% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Visit and save even more!



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